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Coaches and Team Directors - NEW WINTER BASKETBALL INFORMATION: Maine Hoops has now overseen more than 1500 games/scrimmages this summer and fall without incident. While we know nothing is completely safe, we have done are best to provide games in the safest environment in the Country. 

Coaches and Team Directors, 

Maine Hoops is currently planning on beginning play (January 8-10) in both Southern and Central Maine under the guidelines we laid out in the December 4th update. The only change is we will not begin High School games until the weekend of January 15 - 17 in Southern Maine. (Decision on Central Maine will be made on Monday, January 4th) Please understand the statement from the Community Sports Guidelines around the DHHS and Maine CDC Health Advisory System to categorize counties for school districts to use, (Red - Yellow - Green) is considered a recommendation not a requirement of the Community Sports Guidelines. Each team and individual can make their own decisions as to what they are comfortable with their facilities and local authorities. We will monitor this situation closely as we start activity back up. 

Click Here for Registration Link for Southern Maine Youth League

Click Here for Registration Link for Central Maine League

Click Here for Registration Link for Southern Maine HS Games 

Maine Hoops is proud to continually offer options for youth basketball players in Maine in accordance with the Community Sports Guidelines. This Winter we are currently planning on hosting the Southern Maine Basketball Youth League for Grades 4 - 8. We will run a 3 weekend Cohort for High School teams in Southern Maine beginning the weekend of December 18-20. We will make a decision in December about any future High School dates. In Central Maine we currently have 2 Sessions scheduled, but will most likely be adding 2 more 3 weeks sessions.

Maine Hoops presents the Southern Maine Basketball Youth League. The league is open to Boys and Girls teams in Grades 4 - 8. The League will be broken into a Travel Team division (Local Town teams) and a Club team division. Similar to the Fall players and teams will be broken into cohorts to ensure the safety of all participants and every participant must register with Maine Hoops to play. Maine Hoops is proud to have provided the safest Basketball opportunities for the youth of Maine over the past 5 months and will continue.

Maine Hoops will be creating Cohort groups of 4-5 teams to participate over 9 weekends of play December 18th - February 14th divided into 3 Cohort Sessions lasting 3 weeks. Teams will be mixed up after each Cohort Session, so you will not scrimmage all the same teams in each session. Scrimmages will be played Friday - Sunday. Teams will play a minimum of 5 scrimmages per session for a guarantee of 15 scrimmages. Final weekends of Session will be set in a Bracket Buster Tournament formatThe Cohort Sessions will be broken up based on the number of teams in a Grade Level. The Cohorts will be organized by Grade Level and Skill level to make sure you players are getting competitive level games. Cost for each session is $425.

Click Here for Registration Link for Youth Southern Maine League (Dates of Play January 8th -January 23rd, January 29 - February 14) 

Click Here for Registration Link for Southern Maine High School Session.  (NO Dates at this time)

Click Here for Registration Link for Central Maine League  (Current Dates of Play - January 8th -January 23rd, January 29 - February 14) 

All evidence from the CDC and other agencies point to the extremely low risk of the Coronavirus to Youth ages 5-17. However, Maine Hoops and Zero Gravity encourage all participating to adhere to recommendations for avoiding contact with those who are compromised and at risk. We also recommend those at risk individuals to stay at home during these games.


Maine Hoops - Cohort I Series - September 25 - October 10th Portland/Saco Area - Click Here to Register

Maine Hoops - Cohort I Series - September 25 - October 10th Waterville and other Central Maine Locations - Click Here to Register 

Maine Hoops - Cohort II Series - October 23 - November 8th Portland/Saco Area - Click Here to Register

Maine Hoops - Cohort II Series - October 23- November 8th Waterville and other Central Maine Locations - Click Here to Register  

Insurance Coverage - Follow this link if you are needing to be covered for Insurance through Maine Hoops - In the COMMENTS section put the information for the school(s) you are looking to get an Insurance Certificate for.  

WHY MAINE HOOPS?  You DON'T last over 20 years, if you are not doing it the right way!  We are one of the few Tournament providers that TRULY CARES about your team match ups.  We are not some mass Tournament organization, who just wants to get the schedule out.  You make a difference with us and we will work hard to give you the best match-ups we can.  We have teams from all over New England and Canada already committed to our events.   Why Maine Hoops Tournaments

Regulation Games (no running time - Southern Maine Only) Certified Board Officials, Top Locations and Gyms.  We specialize in ONE DAY options, choose either day of Play.  There is no reason to look anywhere else!! You can register as late as 12:00 noon on the Tuesday before the weekend of play.

 See What Clubs are Saying:

I wanted to thank you for a great weekend! It was a very well run tournament and we had a great time...  Kresten S.

"Great Tourney once again!  Thank You!" Chris R.

"..was a great event Lenny and I know all the players and parents had fun..." Shawn L.

"This year Barre Swish brought 5 teams from Barre,VT, hopefully next year we'll bring all 9. Great Job!! Corey T.

"We lost our three games but we had a beautiful Time. We Will be there for the third Time next year... Thank you for everything" Sylvie L.

"We had a great weekend Lenny. Thanks for everything. It was a great way for my kids to finish their high school basketball journey... Kevin D


To register for an event, please click on the date and title of the event.  The second event on each date are those offered in the Central Maine area with MAC, click on those events to register.  You will be brought to another site to complete the registration process. You can register without making a payment.  Also, after you have registered, you can return to the site to make payments or schedule requests. Contact Lenny at or 207-749-9492 with any questions.  

All Events - Southern Maine $325 for 2 Days and $175 for one day - Multiple Team Discounts Available, Special Pricing on Noted Events. Central Maine $300 for 2 Days and $160 for one day - Multiple Team Discounts Available at ALL LOCATIONS!

Teams going undefeated for the weekend (Southern Maine) will receive Championship T-Shirts (4 games total)  Showcase style guarantees your game times, no waiting to see your schedule based on results. Most importantly it allows us to give you the most competitive schedule we can, as this is how players get better. 

Championship Format - Pool Play to Championship Event - Traditional Championship Event - Winning teams will receive Championship T-Shirts.  Every now and than it's fun to play a Tournament out to a Championship game in all divisions. Maine Hoops Hosts one Championship Style Event each Month.

Bracket Buster Events - 2 Games Minimum Guaranteed Each Day - Each Day teams will be placed in Brackets with teams of like ability. The Brackets will play out into a Championship Game each day, some teams will even get an extra game!  This exciting format has proven to be a huge hit for participating teams

One Day of Play available for All Events - (2 games each day) 

February 29, March 1st with MAC (Augusta Area)  Start your season the right way with this Great Tip Off event.  Showcase Format Event

March 7,8 - March Mayhem I (Portland/Saco) - Last year this event attracted more than 100 teams!  Showcase Format Event

 With MAC March 7,8 at Augusta Area - Teams from all over will attend this event.  Showcase Format Event

March 7,8 - 2020 KVYMCA/MAC MAINE STATE UNDERGRAD TOURNEY - This years event will be pool play to single elimination (like years past) with the exception that all games will be played in the same weekend, March 7th & 8th!! Games will be played at the KVYMCA and Cony schools. Contact Mark Leclerc at to register.  

March 14,15- March Mayhem II Travel Team Special!  (Portland/Saco) Part of a Travel Team Program? We have added a special rate this weekend for Travel teams (contact Lenny for details) - We already have Travel Teams from Mass. and Rhode Island coming! Contact Lenny for pricing. (Regular Club Games Running as well) Championship Format Event

With MAC March 14,15 in the Augusta Area - 3 gyms all centrally located, along with surrounding courts, leads to a great event for all those participating. 

March 21,22, March Mayhem III (Portland/Saco) - BRACKET BUSTER EVENT!! Our Bracket Buster Events proved to be a BIG hit last Spring - One Day Tournament Style on Sunday, Saturday is Showcase Style!

With MAC March 21,22 March Mayhem III in the Augusta Area.  -  Open Play for All Teams  Showcase Format Event

March 28,29 - Portland/Saco Area  Zero Gravity's Northern New England Championships

With MAC, March 28,29 in the Augusta Area.  - Open play for all teams in Central Maine area.  Showcase Format Event

April 4,5 - For In-State Teams:  The Maine Club Basketball State Championships.  This is the State's LARGEST GRADE BASED Championship event, open to all teams. Last year close to 200 teams participated.  Winning teams don't get a trophy, they receive a FULLY PAID entry to the Zero Gravity National Championships in the greater Boston area in June.  Championship Format Event

April 4,5 - Maine Hoops Spring Breakout I (Portland/Saco) This is for Out of State Teams ONLY or Teams not wanting to play in State Tournament - Showcase Style Format

With MAC April 4,5 in the Augusta Area - This event is open for registration, More Games = More FUN!  Showcase Format Event

April 11, Maine Hoops Easter One Day (Portland/Saco) - Great event to play one day one Saturday and save Easter for the Family. Showcase Format Event

With MAC, April 11 in the Augusta area. - Open play for all teams in Central Maine area.  Showcase Format Event

April 11 - Maine Hoops/MAC - Bangor Area - Open play for all teams in the Bangor Area - Showcase Format, One Day Event

April 18,19 -Maine Hoops Spring Breakout  II (Portland/Saco) BRACKET BUSTER EVENT!! Our Bracket Buster Events proved to be a BIG hit last Spring - One Day Tournament Style on Sunday, Saturday is Showcase Style!

With MAC, April 18,19 in the Augusta area. - Open play for all teams in Central Maine area.  Showcase Format Event

April 18 Maine Hoops/MAC in Bangor Area  - Open Play for all teams wanting to play in the Bangor area.  Showcase Format One Day Event

April 25,26 Spring Breakout III (Portland/Saco)   Last year this event attracted more than 100 teams!  Showcase Format Event

April 25,26 - Maine Hoops/MAC Spring Breakout  III (Augusta) - Open play for all teams in Central Maine!  Showcase Format Event

May 2,3 - Zero Gravity Maine State Championships (Portland/Saco) - Maine Hoops is assisting Zero Gravity with their Maine State Tournament - National Qualifier

With MAC, May 2,3 in the Augusta area. BRACKET BUSTER EVENT!! Central Maine's first Bracket Buster event. Our Bracket Buster Events proved to be a BIG hit last Spring - One Day Tournament Style on Sunday, Saturday is Showcase Style!

May 16,17 - 7th Annual NE-CAN Open Challenge (Portland/Saco) - 6th Annual Event featuring New England Club Teams versus Top Canadian Teams from Montreal, Quebec and New Brunswick.  Easily our Most Exciting Event of the Spring!  We already have clubs from all over Canada registering and the list grows daily  last year over 250 teams participated- DON'T miss this event. Championship Format Event

May 30,31 - Maine Hoops Ballin' by the Beach I(Portland/Saco) - Teams from all over New England come to Maine to play Hoops at a great facilities in a perfect location!  Close to 150 teams last year! Showcase Format Event

June 6,7 - Maine Hoops Ballin' by the Beach II BRACKET BUSTER EVENT (Portland/Saco) - BRACKET BUSTER EVENT!! Our Bracket Buster Events will prove to be a BIG hit this Spring - One Day Tournament Style on Sunday Only. 

June 13,14 - Ballin' by the Beach (Portland/Saco) - End your season the right way with this great event. Run in conjunction with programs from around New England, you are guaranteed a GREAT rate ($250), teams of all ability levels and the beautiful Coast of Maine in June, what could be better?? Kick off Summer with this Great end of year event!  Championship Format Event





The Dirigo League is back for its 5th year and continues to provide the most comprehensive and diverse offering of competition for Maine's youth basketball players and teams. The league will host from Bangor to Saco giving all teams many more options.
The Dirigo league is all about "how does it benefit the kids?" Those benefits include:


The League will begin pay on September 28th/29th and run through November 2nd/3rd.  We will have Tip Off games on September 22nd in the Augusta Area. You will need to register separately for that event.  


The Warm Up Weekend and Pick and Play Series is designed for teams to who are looking to for a flexible schedule during the month of October - Pick any Weekend Date and Play 2 games on that Date, Cost is $150 for 2 games.  Games will be close together in timing.  If traveling you can play both dates and guarantee your team 4 games ($275).  To Register Click the Link to the Dates Below you wish to play:  Remember you can play either day or both days, you will choose when registering. Click on the Link to Register.


Warm Up Weekend - September 22nd (all games in Augusta Area)


Pick and Play Series I - September 28th and 29th

Pick and Play Series II - October 5th and 6th

Pick and Play Series III - October 12th and 13th 

Pick and Play Series IV - October 19th and 20th 

Pick and Play Series V - October 26th and 27th

Pick and Play Series VI - November 2nd and 3rd


Maine Hoops  presents on Veteran’s Day weekend, November 10th and 11th the 2nd Annual “Hoops for the Troops” Basketball Tournament. A portion of the proceeds (Registration Fees and Admissions) from the event will benefit the "Homes for Our Troops" and all Military families will receive free admissions at all sites. This is a Championship Event with winning teams receiving Championship T-Shirts. All game will played in Maine in the Portland/Saco area. 

What a GREAT way to show your support to the veterans and service members on Veteran's Day Weekend.  Homes For Our Troops (HFOT) is a privately funded 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured post – 9/11 Veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives. Most of these Veterans have sustained injuries including multiple limb amputations, partial or full paralysis, and/or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). These homes restore some of the freedom and independence our Veterans sacrificed while defending our country, and enable them to focus on their family, recovery, and rebuilding their lives. Since its inception in 2004, nearly 90 cents out of every dollar has gone directly to our program services for Veterans. HFOT builds these homes where the Veteran chooses to live, and continues its relationship with the Veterans after home delivery to assist them with rebuilding their lives. Join in and play in some Great Fall Hoop action while benefiting a great cause!


Dirigo Winter League is a great way to augment your league schedules, play in our week end to week end events throughout the winter. From the Turkey Tip Off right through until February. Choose your level of play to ensure the best match ups. The league is open to Grades 4-9. In the Premier League Teams 6th/7th/8th grade play with two officials and regulation games. 2 Games each day for all teams no matter the weekend. You will play either Back to Back or Play One-Sit One- Play One. Get the most out of your basketball experience. Contact Lenny for discount pricing if you are planning on playing 4 or more weekends. Click on a link below to register your team!  Cost - Premiere Games $125  Open Division $85 


"Almost" Free Game Series - The "Almost" Free Game Series in Southern Maine. In January and February we will provide games to augment or create your winter schedule at the cost of $35 for 2 games. This is an UNBELIEVABLE deal! Augment your regular schedule with these great games. GRADES 4-8 Only.  Great way to augment your league schedules, play in our weekend to weekend events throughout the winter. You will get 2 games each day, this is the perfect way to pick up extra games at an great rate of $35 for those 2 games. There is an admissions charged for the games to cover costs. Open to both Local Teams and Club Teams. 


FREE GAME SERIES - November 30, December 1 Weekend

FREE GAME SERIES - December 7, 8 Weekend

FREE GAME SERIES - December 15 (Sunday only Grades 5-6 Weekend

FREE GAME SERIES - December 21, 22 Weekend

"Almost" FREE GAME SERIES - December 28,29 Weekend

"Almost" FREE GAME SERIES - January 4,5 Weekend

"Almost" FREE GAME SERIES - January 11,12 Weekend

"Almost" FREE GAME SERIES - January 18,19 Weekend

"Almost" FREE GAME SERIES - January 25,26 Weekend

"Almost" FREE GAME SERIES - February 1,2 Weekend

"Almost" FREE GAME SERIES - February 8,9 Weekend

June 12-14 - Maine Hoops - Return to the Courts 
June 19-21 - Maine Hoops - Summer Kickoff Event
June 26-28 - Maine Hoops - Goodbye To June!
July 10-12 - Maine Hoops - Welcome to July  
July 17-19 - Maine Hoops - Beat the Heat 
July 24-16 - Maine Hoops - End of Summer Event 

NEW - MAINE HOOPS SUMMER LEAGUE - Central and Southern Maine.

Maine Hoops is hosting a Summer League for High School Boys and Girls teams in both Central Maine and Southern Maine. There will be a Varsity Division and possibly a JV Division, if there is enough interest. Games will be played late afternoon and evenings during the week and some games on Weekends. Southern Maine Games will be played in Saco and Portland. Central Maine games will be played in Waterville at Gilman Street Basketball Club. Teams will get 10 games plus playoffs. There are a limited number of openings, so it will be done on a first come, first serve basis for teams. Contact Lenny Holmes at or Mark Leclerc at for more information. Cost of the League is $695. 

Here is the link for Central Maine Games -

Here is the link to register in Southern Maine -

Answers to FAQ's:

Teams cannot play a partial schedule.
Teams must pay before the first game, first teams paid are guaranteed games. Cost of the League is $695. 
Payments - Teams in Southern Maine will be invoiced for the League, Teams in Central Maine may pay online.
Start date is the week of June 22nd in Central Maine
Start date will be no sooner than June 26th in Southern Maine, however, we may wait the week of the 29th.
Games will be played late afternoon and evenings during the week and some games on Weekends.
Teams can participate in either League and still play games on the weekend in Maine Hoops powered by Zero Gravity events.
Teams will get 10 games plus playoffs.
Teams do not have to be school teams, but preference will be given to those teams.


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